Your Funeral, Your Way

Funeral Planning

While planning for your funeral may seem like a morbid topic that you would rather avoid, there is no getting away from the fact that we will all need a funeral one day. Whether that be a simple cremation or a bigger affair with a horse drawn carriage, getting your plans in place will really benefit your loved ones by taking both the emotional and financial pressure away from them in what will be a difficult time for them. We work with two carefully selected providers who are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, giving our clients flexibility and peace of mind.

It’s Good To Talk!

At Nsure we actively encourage you to make your family aware of your funeral wishes, regardless of whether you have a funeral plan in place or not.  Talking about what you would like allows everyone close to you to understand your final wishes, which down the line will remove any anxiety that your funeral is not as you would have wanted. You might not actually mind what your funeral looks like and subscribe to the school of thought of “I’ll be dead, I don’t care” and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’d like to make life easier for those who won’t be dead, a funeral plan is the way to go about making that happen.  If, like Emma Wells, you have a set idea of what you’d like, but you’re not convinced people will carry out your wishes, a funeral plan is simply essential.

Why pre-arrange your Funeral?

Financial Implications:

The cost of funerals is rising rapidly.  People often assume that their estate will pay, however there may not be enough money to cover this and sometimes funds are not easily accessible. Nobody wants to burden their loved ones with the pressure of finding thousands of pounds for a funeral.  Even a straight-to-cremation arrangement will usually be in excess of £1,000.  Arranging a Funeral Plan allows you to choose your options at a price you are comfortable with.

Emotional Reasons:

A Funeral Plan removes some of the emotional stress that family involved in arranging a funeral feel at a difficult time. Many people worry excessively that they aren’t getting the funeral ‘right’ and giving their loved one the send-off that they would have wanted. Your preparation can lighten the load when they need help the most.

Being Practical:

There are many things involved in planning a funeral. From guests, catering, dates, clothing, flowers, readings, music. It’s not dissimilar to a wedding but in many cases, more emotionally charged and normally has to be arranged in a far shorter timescale. A Funeral Plan removes a large amount of this stress and worry from the family. It also allows them to concentrate on grieving rather than being drained by the organisation.

Your Funeral, how you want it!

Your Choice

There may be a reason why the most frequently played song at Funerals is Frank Sinatras “I did it my way”. Life itself is certainly what you make of it and for many, the final send off is a celebration of everything you planned, accomplished and achieved. Setting aside the financial and emotional implications, making funeral plans at a time in life where you have time to think things through and discuss it properly with those closest to you, really does give you the opportunity to “Do it your way”!

Funeral Plans

At Nsure Estate Planning Services we offer a wide range of Funeral plans, from simple cremations to ceremonies with a dedicated service and a horse drawn funeral carriage. For those who spend time overseas we can also offer plans that include repatriation (Wills that work both here and overseas if you have foreign assets are also available).

Common misconceptions are that Funeral plans are just for the elderly. There is no minimum age for many of the plans that we have available and fixed monthly instalment options make it even easier to spread the costs over a period of time.

Funeral plans can also move with you! So should you be living in West Sussex when you take the plan out and subsequently move elsewhere, a funeral director local to your new home would be appointed to conduct you funeral for you.  The funeral plan providers that we use allocate your plan to either your chosen funeral director or another local independent funeral director.