Dying without a valid Will is known is dying Intestate. The following link shows you who will inherit if you were to die intestate, you may be surprised by the results.


  • Remember that regardless of how long you’ve been partnered with someone they aren’t automatically entitled to anything unless you make a Will. Even if you are married, depending on the size of your estate your spouse may not be entitled to everything.
  • Making a Will is also the only way that you can decide who will administer your estate when you’ve died.
  • If you want to leave a gift to charity you must stipulate this within you Will or it simply won’t happen.
  • Having a guardianship clause within your Will means that should you die when your children are still minors you have secured their living arrangements for them.
  • You can stipulate within your Will which age you would like your children to inherit at, without a Will they would automatically inherit at 18 which may not be appropriate.