Probate & Estate Administration

As part of writing a will, an individual or couple will name one or more executors, who will become responsible for the estate administration when the individual(s) die. 

Obtaining probate can be a lengthy process due to the various steps involved, taking months especially where a property is to be sold. It can take time to notify all parties that need to be informed, gather all the relevant asset information in order to ascertain formal documentation requirements for funds to be released. It involves contacting banks, building societies and all utility providers, the list goes on. Once all the information has been gathered, forms and formal documents must be submitted to apply for probate and to HMRC regardless of whether any Inheritance Tax is owed.

Once probate has been granted, any debts owed by the deceased must be paid, the property sold and personal possessions sorted.  Of particular note are over-payments of state pensions and other benefits from the Department of Work & Pensions, which may require repaying.  This can have a significant impact on any potential inheritance.  All this, whilst dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of losing a loved one.

Nsure Estate Planning Services can assist executors with their duties in the administration of an estate at this difficult time and help guide you through the potential pitfalls before they become a problem. 

Dealing with property and land. £500 per title

All other assets excluding chattels, property and land. 1% subject to a minimum charge of £2,000

Additional charge for executing a will not originally drafted by us.  £500

Expenses incurred for items such as copy certificates, notices in newspapers, CHAPS payments etc. will be charged at cost.

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