Making a Will

Making a Will

Your Will sets out what should happen to your estate when you die.  If you don’t leave a Will, the law decides on how your estate is passed on, and this might not be in line with your wishes.  It also saves your family any unnecessary distress at a difficult time.  Other benefits of writing a Will include the ability to plan for inheritance tax and for those with children, a Will has a very important function of establishing guardianship of your children.

Basically, your Will tells people two important points:

Who should inherit your money, property and possessions when you die, and who is in charge of organising your estate.

Our current price list for drafting a will is as follows:

Straightforward Single Will.  (by “straightforward” we mean any Will which does not require trust clauses) £150

Straightforward Mirror Wills (two documents drafted as a ‘matched pair’ with identical beneficiaries and executors for husband and wife or a couple) £200

Complex Single Will (containing non-standard clauses, lifetime interest clauses, Discretionary Trusts to IHT level, Discretionary Trusts for a disabled beneficiary, Children’s Trusts etc) £450

Complex Mirror Wills £550

Advice and support regarding severance of Joint Tenancy £150

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