This week saw our monthly coming together of minds… it sounds far grander than it is and as many of you may know we are a relatively modest size business and don’t have huge numbers of staff, however, each one of us is as important as the next and by holding these discussions we all walk away a lot better off. A good hour was spent discussing the topic matter of our business, I know many would consider writing Wills and LPAs as a relatively dull experience and in truth that part is pretty admin heavy, but for me the joy is all about the people we meet and the personal discussions we have with clients that really make the job rewarding and fun.

Generally, we all accept that dying is inevitable and these days the chances of your household being affected by someone losing capacity are unfortunately quite high, but it doesn’t mean the process of preparing for these things has to be soulless and bleak.   

Let’s focus for a second on arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney for example. Just because you lose capacity doesn’t mean that the things you enjoy now, can’t be arranged to continue into the future. It’s often the small things like hair and beauty appointments that mean so much and can bring a great deal of happiness and these are exactly the seemingly small things that through discussion, you can still have control of. There is obviously the more serious side centred around financial issues or planning for life sustaining treatment should it become relevant, but amongst all this are the real human conversations that help shape something that actually reflects who you are and your personality.

Ensuring that your Will accurately reflects your wishes is imperative. In some cases, the discussions can be tricky, not everyone will always get what they feel they deserve. Working through these delicate family issues is so important as the last thing you want to leave behind is a family row.

I suppose what I learnt this week is that although the topic of our business may appear to lack a little excitement, the people we meet, the discussions we have and the practices we put in place can bring happiness, laughter, closure and most of all peace of mind.

Stay safe everyone and remember a problem shared is a problem halved!