Storing Legal Documents

Storing your Wills and LPAs

In a world where technology is king, you may be surprised to know that your legal documents are not stored somewhere in the cloud. For security and peace of mind, all of our legal documents are securely stored at our premises.

We can store your Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney documentation in our secure, insured, fire-resistant safe on our premises.  You will get free access at any time during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 0900 to 1730) with one working day’s notice.

The benefits of your documents being stored by us include-

  • A discount on future amendments within three years.
  • Peace of mind – you know where they are and that they are safe and will not go missing or be tampered with.
  • We write to the executors of your Will and your Lasting Power of Attorney attorneys and advise them that we are holding the documents for you. This means that when needed, no one needs to worry about locating the documents.

£20 per year for the first document and £5 for each subsequent document with free access at any time during normal office hours with one working day’s notice.  Payment by standing order only.