As a parent of a minor there are some very important things you should know – in this short question and answer session we look at some of the key questions;

Q. Do I need a Will?

A. Whilst there is no legal requirement for you to make a Will, it is the only way to avoid dying intestate and ensuring that who you want to inherit actually does. For example, if you aren’t married you may be surprised to learn your partner is not entitled to your estate regardless of how long you have been together or if you live together or have children together. Even if you are married your spouse does not automatically inherit your whole estate.

Q. How do I ensure that who I want to raise my children if we/ I die?

A. Should your children be left orphaned they automatically become a ward of the Court and social services will make their recommendation in Court to a Judge, who will then decide who will raise your children. If you have a Will you can specify who will have guardianship and therefore raise your children in your place, you can also arrange things like trusts to help cover the cost of raising your children.

Q. I’m a single parent and struggle for babysitters so find it hard to make time for appointments, can you help?

A. You are more than welcome to bring your children to our office with you, or we can visit you at home at a convenient time.

Q. How much does it cost to make a Will that covers guardianship?

A. £150 for a single person and £200 for a couple for mirrored Wills.  Click here for our full price list