I consider myself to be lucky with regards to my job. Whilst the subject matter isn’t exactly cheery, due to our holistic approach I get to meet and talk to many different people and hear about their lives.

I’m very aware that despite the situation the world has found itself in recently that I have been fortunate enough to be able continue with my work albeit over the phone rather than face to face.

When speaking to my clients there has be two resounding themes, the first is that they wished they’d got their affairs in order sooner. However, they now understand the importance of making a Will and arranging Lasting Powers Attorney and they feel better for getting it done- as we have all rather brutally discovered, you never know what is around the corner.

The second theme is the sense of positivity and togetherness that this dreadful situation has highlighted.

Despite being separated from those that we love and usually spend our time with, the people that I have spoken to have such positive outlooks. I’ve spoken to grandparents who had previously shied away from technology who have gone on to embrace video calls with their grandchildren to keep in touch. I’ve heard stories about neighbours who barely spoke before fetching shopping for the vulnerable on their street and I’ve laughed about how Thursday is marked by clapping for our NHS and how riled up it makes the seagulls!

It’s been inspirational watching businesses like restaurants and bars adapt so quickly to the changes thrown at them. I’ve enjoyed seeing local sports clubs find ways to keep their teams in contact and coming up with new ways to keep the kids active. Teachers have been great supporting children’s learning from a distance, and they have been phoning their pupils to see how they are. On a personal level I’ve been astounded at how well my three children have adapted to the situation they’ve been put in. They’ve accepted home schooling without a fuss and despite spending every waking minute in each other’s company, not seeing their friends or going to their usual clubs they have been so kind and decent to each other.

How incredible has watching Captain Tom Moore raise £18 million for the NHS at 99 years old been?! Truly humbling. This time has really shown just how resilient and decent human beings can be and rather than lingering on the negatives I’m choosing to focus on the positives.

That said, the tragic fact is that we won’t all come out the other side of this, but I hope that those of us that do keep up some of our new habits, that we use our local shops, eat out often, speak to our neighbours, donate more to charities and make sure that we are all just a little bit kinder to each other.