Recently the personalised card company Moonpig had to issue a request for customers to stop uploading pictures of their genitals to cards that they want to send to unsuspecting recipients, as this is apparently against their T&C’s.

You would be forgiven for thinking it was obvious that things that are below the belt, are definitely, below the belt when it comes to sending a birthday card but, as some poor Moonpig staff have found out, apparently it’s not obvious at all. 
You’d also think it was obvious to people that they’re going to die at some point and therefore need to make a Will, but when you consider 60% of Britons don’t have a Will in place, it seems that to many of us that isn’t obvious either.  
According to Alzheimer’s Society 225,000 of us will develop dementia this year- that’s one every three minutes. Considering this, you’d think it would be obvious that setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney would be the sensible thing to do but… you get the picture. 
I understand that some people find getting these things in order confronting and daunting and that for many talking about these subjects is uncomfortable but failing to prepare for the inevitable is more than uncomfortable for those left behind. It is so important to remember that when it’s too late, it’s too late. Obviously. 
Nsure are holding an Equity Release and Later Life Planning Seminar on 7th November at 3pm at our office, if you would like to attend this please call to book your place. If you can’t make this date but would like more information on these subjects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  
For more information on making your Will or Lasting Power of Attorney please contact me on 01903 821010 or via email emma.wells@nsure.co.uk.