Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with some of the residents of a retirement apartment block in Worthing.

I was invited off the back of a previous meeting with their lovely manager who advised me that as part of her role she is asked to provide the residents with a speaker every so often.

The term ‘speaker’ led to a fewer number of residents attending their coffee morning than usual as, quite rightly, no one wants to be ‘spoken at’ particularly in their own homes. Despite the smaller numbers we actually had a really nice morning that involved conversations about later life planning such as Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and funeral plans but we also discussed the height of my heels, David Beckham and what caused Victoria Beckham’s rather sour face at the recent royal wedding! I left after just over an hour and the ladies assured me that they didn’t feel talked at which was really important to me.

Too many people are put off making their Wills and asking what’s involved in making a Lasting Power of Attorney as they say they feel intimidated by the jargon that can be used and the stiff approach that many firms take.

I like to think that we are different, we always try and put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and our approach seems to be working. The reviews that we have been given on the Institute of Professional Willwriters website include comments such as ‘’ Very professional, handled with sensitivity, and felt comfortable discussing with Emma’’, ‘‘ Extremely grateful for all advice and services in a difficult family situation’’ and ‘’A very sensitive professional approach, concisely explained line by line and more than met our needs. They are an incredibly diligent professional business and would not hesitate in thoroughly recommending their services to anyone.’’

If you are one of the many people who have yet to write your Will or arrange your Lasting Power of Attorney then please do not hesitate to contact me. I would also be delighted to attend any coffee mornings for a chat (my sister is a chef at ami bistro so if you want I’ll also get her to make a cake to bring with me), my number is 01903 821010 or you can email me emma.wells@nsure.co.uk. I hope to hear from you soon.