‘’We don’t talk about 2020.’’

Is that what we’ll say in the future when this year is brought up in conversation? What was set to be a fantastic year very quickly turned into something none of us could have predicted.

As a company we have been mindful of how we have communicated our services during this time. We are acutely aware that the nature of our business highlights our mortality and during this time it could potentially come across as being distasteful. However, I feel I’ve now got to say it.

If a pandemic that none of us saw coming hasn’t brought home the need to have your affairs in order, and by that I mean an up to date valid Will and both Lasting Power of Attorney documents in place, then nothing will, so you may as well stop reading now.

Moving on…

If you are one of the people who was planning to get organised in 2020 but have fallen into the category that were advised to stay home but are now in a position to venture out and start moving forward with life then let’s get together and make a start.

Arranging your Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney using a professional should be a straightforward process. It tends to take two meetings (which thankfully if visiting our office can be done at well over the recommended social distancing of two metres). The first meeting is an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you have and for me gather the information that I need to draft your documents. The second, once you have approved the content that I will have sent to you, is for the signing and witnessing of the final documents. If it is felt that further meetings are required, then they of course take place without question or further cost.

I hope that more people start to grasp the importance of estate planning so that less families are left in the lurch when their loved ones either lose capacity or pass away. Careful, thorough planning means that your estate is managed how you want which means potentially less inheritance tax to pay and most importantly less upset in the end.   

For more information please contact me on 01903 821010 or via email emma.wells@nsure.co.uk